High Temperature Synthetic Chain Oil

High Temperature Synthetic Chain Oil

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Phoenix High Temperature Synthetic Industrial Chain Oil is blended with synthetic base oil and high technology additives such as anti-oxidant, anti-wear, anti-corrosion agent. It is specifically designed and manufactured for use in high temperatures and other adverse conditions where conventional lubricant will fail. It is blend of polyisobutylene, easters and performance enhancing additives that have excellent thermal stability at elevated temperatures, combined with low volatility and high oxidation resistance.

Suitable for lubrication of high temperature chain transmission system of machines used in textile, dyeing and printing industries, such as domestic and imported heat-setting machine, drawing and stretching machine, stamp setting machine. Recommended temperature range: -200°C to 2400°C. Suitable for all applications with elevated temperatures including chain grate and stoker drives, furnaces door openers in steel works, roller and overhead kiln conveyors found in ceramics and brick industries.


  • Outstanding high temperature stability, service temperature can reach 2400°C
  • Outstanding anti-wear property and lubricity, enabling heavy load application
  • Good viscosity - temperature property, ensuring easy start of machine in low temperatures
  • Low NOACK, low oil consumption, environment friendly