Transformer Oil Un-Inhibited

Transformer Oil Un-Inhibited

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Phoenix Transformer Oil (Un-Inhibited) is a highly refined un-inhibited mineral oil. It is designed for insulating and cooling transformers, oil-immersed switchgear and other electrical insulating application.

Features & Benefits:

  • Excellent dielectric (insulating) properties, effectively prevent discharge in an electric field
  • Low viscosity and low density lead to the oils having good cooling properties and good heat transfer characteristics at room temperature and below, and so ensure effective cooling of transformer core and coils
  • Even at very low temperatures the oil viscosity remains low, and therefore allows the transformer to be started up under very cold conditions without problem

Performance Levels: (Meets & Exceeds)

  • IEC 296-1982 Class-I
  • BS 148:98 Class I
  • JS 2320 Class I
  • IS 335:1993