Fire Resistant Hydraulic Oil 40G

Fire Resistant Hydraulic Oil 40G

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Phoenix Water-Glycol Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid is formulated with a blend of water, ethylene or diethylene glycol, selected additives and high-viscosity polyglycol thickeners to meet the ISO 6743/4 HFC classification for fire-resistant hydraulic oils of the water–glycol type. It is designed for uses in high-pressure hydraulic systems where the requirements for fire resistance, pump wear protection and viscosity are met by water–glycol fluids.


  • Hydraulic equipment (vane, gear or piston-type pumps) where an ISO 6743/4 HFC type fire-resistant hydraulic fluid is required.
  • Hydraulic systems operating in areas where there is a high risk of fire (e.g. steel mills, coal mines, the chemical industry), at operating temperatures between –300°C and 600°C and at continuous operating pressures of up to 20 mPa.
  • Coke furnace door openers.
  • Basic oxygen furnace hydraulics.
  • Electric welders.
  • Molding and metal die-casting machinery.
  • Welding machines.
  • Furnace charging equipment.
  • Continuous metal casting equipment.
  • Glass drawing machinery.
  • Mobile equipment operating in areas of high fire risk.

Caution: Phoenix Water-Glycol Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid is not compatible with conventional mineral-oil based hydraulic fluids or ISO 6743/4 HFDU-type fire-resistant hydraulic fluids.

Note: Also the water–glycol fluids are not compatible with all seal materials or paints, and that care must be taken to ensure the hydraulic system is designed or adapted for use with such fluids. Compatible seal materials include: nitrile, PTFE, Neoprene (chloroprene), silicone, Viton, nylon, natural rubber and butyl rubber. Compatible paints include vinyl and epoxy resin-based products


  • Outstanding fire-resistant properties, providing safer working conditions for people and plant.
  • Excellent rust and corrosion prevention properties, in both the liquid and the vapor phase, protect the hydraulic system from rust and corrosion and avoid rust debris contamination that can damage components.
  • Excellent lubricity and anti-wear properties, protect components against wear, extend pump and valve life, and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Very low pour point (<–50°C) ensures good cold-start performance.
  • Very high viscosity index provides excellent viscosity–temperature performance, and provides optimum protection over a wide operating temperature range.
  • Excellent stability during storage reduces inventory costs.
  • Long fluid service life (up to 10,000 hours) can be achieved when equipment is properly maintained.
  • The fluid has low toxicity and is readily biodegradable.

PERFORMANCE LEVELS: Meets and Exceeds:

  • ISO 12922 HFC