NDHT-2 and NDHT-3

NDHT-2 and NDHT-3

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Phoenix NDHT-2 Grease and Phoenix NDHT-3 Grease are non-melting, consistent and smooth premium grade clay grease for application in excessive temperatures, formulated from refined mineral oil and a Bentonite thickening agent.


  • Outstanding high temperature resistance
  • Non-melting properties of clay matrix avoids grease leakage at high temperature
  • Effective oxidation resistance

Features & Benefits:

  • Applications where dripping or grease leakage is critical
  • Industrial ball, roller and plain bearings subject to high temperatures
  • Slow & medium speed plain and anti-friction bearing up to 160°C requiring frequent re-lubrication
  • Fan bearings, plumber blades, underground mining, plastic injection molders
  • Conveyor bearings operating at high temperature
  • Machinery operating in a temperature range of -20°C - 160°C


  • NLGI: GC-LB, DIN 51502: K2P-20 and K3P-20