Grease HD LX Mining

Grease HD LX Mining

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Phoenix HD LX Mining Grease is extreme pressure mining grease formulated with a lithium complex soap thickener and high viscosity mineral base oil, and is available in NLGI 1 and NLGI 2 grades. It contains rust and oxidation inhibitors, EP and anti-wear additives, as well as 4% of solids including molybdenum disulfide (MoS2 or ‘moly’), which provide additional wear protection especially under the severe vibrating or oscillating conditions that are found in many mining applications.

Off-road equipment used in the mining industry, particularly to lubricate slow-moving plain and rolling element bearings under severe conditions of very high loads, shock loading and vibrating or oscillating conditions.
Heavy duty construction, earthmoving, mobile and stationery equipment, especially in those applications operating under very high loads, shock loading and vibrating or oscillating conditions.
Some heavy-duty applications that is difficult to access, and for which long lubrication intervals are required.


  • Excellent extreme pressure and anti-wear properties protect heavily loaded or shock-loaded bearings from wear, extending equipment life.
  • Solids, including molybdenum disulfide, provide an additional measure of residual lubrication and protect metal surfaces against wear in applications where vibrating or oscillating movement tends to squeeze out the grease from between metal surfaces.
  • Lithium complex soap thickener ensures a high dropping point, which means that the grease can be used at higher temperatures in severe service applications (operating temperature range is from –10°C to+150°C), and also confers excellent mechanical stability so that the grease structure does not break down in service.
  • High base oil viscosity ensures a good oil film thickness is maintained even under severe high-temperature conditions, protecting components
  • against wear.
  • Excellent water resistance means that the grease stays in place and is not washed or sprayed off in wet conditions, reducing the need for frequent re-application.
  • Excellent protection against rusting and corrosion ensures long component life, and extends maintenance intervals.
  • Good thermal and oxidation stability ensure longer grease life under high-temperature conditions, providing optimum lubrication, extending equipment life and reducing maintenance requirements.
  • Available in two NLGI grades; the NLGI grade 1 product may be used in centralized lubrication systems where good pump ability is required.

PERFORMANCE LEVELS: Meets and Exceeds:

  • NLGI-1/2