Open Gear Lubricating Grease EP

Open Gear Lubricating Grease EP

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Phoenix Open Gear Lubricating Grease is manufactured based on soap base gelling agent thickened high-viscosity base oil, with addition of extremely fine solid lubricant, additives for EP attrition resistant, oxidation resistant, anti-corrosion, rust prevention, etc.


  • Suitable for lubrication of various types of large-sized, heave load, low-speed to medium speed open gear, various models of dental coupling with the load capacity over 20000kgf/cm2 such as the open large gear of ball mill of thermal power plant and cement plant or forging machine of machinery plant, etc.
  • Operating temperature range: -30°C -120°C


  • Excellent EP attrition resistance, ensuring good lubricity under heavy load, protecting the gear and reducing wearing.
  • Excellent oxidation stability, preventing the lubricating grease from oxidative deterioration and prolonged the operational life.
  • Good adhesion property, preventing the lubricating grease from running off and ensuring lubrication for the lubricated parts.
  • Good anti-sprinkling property, retaining good lubrication when water exists.

PERFORMANCE LEVELS: Meets and Exceeds:

  • NLGI-0/00/000