Industrial Refrigeration Synthetic Oil VG-46

Industrial Refrigeration Synthetic Oil VG-46

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Phoenix Industrial Refrigeration Synthetic Oil is used in refrigeration systems for various applications. Its blended base oils and high technology additive packages.

  • Suitable for lubrication of refrigeration system taking R134a, R407c and R410 as refrigerants in various industries, civil refrigeration and refrigeration system of automotive air conditioner.
  • Applied temperature range: -40°C to 150°C and 170°C for short period of time.


  • Outstanding heat oxidation stability, preventing oil from damage in high temperature condition
  • Good material adaptability, preventing oil from leaking out of system during operating
  • Excellent inter solubility of refrigerants, ensuring good heat efficiency of refrigeration system
  • Outstanding high/low temperature property, ensuring normal operation of system in wide temperature range
  • Good lubricity, protecting refrigeration compressor from wear
  • Excellent biological degradability, reducing environment pollution


  • Do not mix with other lubricant resulting in reduction due to possible physical or chemical reactions between different oil
  • Close the cap in time after each use, keeping moisture, dust away
  • Material compatibility test should be carried out when used in lubricated part in contact with non-metallic material, such as rubber, plastic and paint
  • It is normal and shall not affect application in case of darkened color after exposed to light or under long term high temperature