Antifreeze 60

Antifreeze 60

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Phoenix Antifreeze / Coolant is a high heavy duty long life fully formulated ethylene glycol engine coolant and are offered both in concentrate and premixed ready to use, containing borates, nitrite, nitrate and silicate corrosion inhibitors. They are suitable for heavy duty applications without supplemental coolant additives during the initial fill. Phoenix Antifreeze / Coolant 33 and 60 are ready to use coolants and require no additional dilution with water.


Phoenix Antifreeze / Coolant 33 and 60 are amine and phosphate free fully formulated engine coolants (antifreeze) suitable for heavy duty gasoline and diesel engines found in on-road, off road, marine, farm, mining and construction.


• All climate year round performance

• Long service life

• Field compatibility

PERFORMANCE LEVELS: Meets and Exceeds:

• ASTM D 3306, 4985, 6210

• SAE J1034, J1941