Phoenix Lubricants is leading lubricant brand in Africa, Middle East, Central Asia, Far-East Asia, and Southern Europe. We are re-defining superior product performance, using our cutting-edge technology, experience and core competencies in high-quality synthetic and semi-synthetic lubricants which in turn are to customers’ enduring benefit.

Phoenix Lubricants is a leader in the innovation, formulation and provision of synthetic lubricants, enabling and improving breakthrough products and critical new technologies. We bring proven experience, deep technical knowledge and intense customer focus to bear on our customers’ toughest challenges, adding tangible value to products in a wide range of domestic and commercial vehicles.

Research and development at Phoenix Lubricants is performed by experts with the most advanced equipment’s  and technology support. We analyse & understand your requirements for various applications and develop apt lubrication solutions suits your market.  New-product development at Phoenix Lubricants is always based on close collaboration with our customers. It’s an approach that succeeds across every industry we serve, and one that has enabled us to develop a product range unique in its completeness.


For enquiries please send us email at info@phoenixlubricants.com